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A complete rebuild of a community website that enables users to rate their Canadian employer.

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In an effort by Jobwings to have all websites run on the same content management system, “Rate My Employer” r42 made a complete rebuild of this community driven site.

What seems to be a very simple concept, users can add and rate their employer with a simple questionnaire, has in fact a quite complex architecture behind it. To avoid misuse of the site, every user must enter and confirm their e-mail address before they can publish a new rating or comment. All user input is automatically scanned for inappropriate content and administrators will be notified if a suspicious rating was posted. Users can vote for ratings, but also flag them as inappropriate. 

Ratings can be sorted and filtered by score, time frame, by province, by industry or company size. These functions are what makes browsing the site very interesting and worth a return visit.

Administrators have the possibility to view new ratings and comments with the Dashboards that are built-in Kentico CMS. New content can be sorted by user, IP address etc. This makes it relatively easy to spot suspicious user input.

One of the biggest challenges of the site was the huge amount of information to sort through. With over 7000 companies, over 35,000 ratings and countless comments, this site tests the limits of Kentico CMS. However, with a careful architecture of the backend and fine-tuned SQL queries, we have been able to make the site even smoother than its predecessor that was built with pure ASP.NET.

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